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Francesca Pasini Business Card

Francesca Pasini Business Card

Thielen Designs Business Card

Thielen Designs Business Card

Structural Graphics Business Card

Structural Graphics Business Card

Space 150 Business Card

Space 150 Business Card

Actual Size Creative Business Card

Actual Size Creative Business Cards

Deisel Design Business Card

Business cards of all staff members in one small package.

Deisel Design Business Cards

AEN Business Card

AEN Business Cards

Finally, allow me not to explain the meaning of this card for the Toronto hemp company. The target will know exactly what it means.

A set of semi-transparent layers allows you to mix and match clothes on the illustrated girl.

Pieces of broken pottery are used to hold the name and phone number for a greek restaurant.

A balloon visiting card for a chest physician that is only legible when inflated demonstrates how important it is to have healthy lungs.

There is nothing better then a little freebie.

In this case a few seeds demonstrating how lush can make your place greener.

If you don't want to separate you can consider marriage counseling with a help of scotch tape.

Perforated cards demonstrate what a separation lawyers does.

Business card for an acupuncturist with small holes to demonstrate what will happen to your skin.

A clear message from a debt recovery agent.

If you don't pay I'll break your bones. Here's the x-ray of my last client broken finger as proof.

Get rid of the evidence you ever met the headhunter.

Reuse old cards for a second hand shop.

Expandable rubber to test your strength.

One more time. And, one more. One last time. Good job. Now, what was the number again?

Folded and playful.

Camera obscura. In case the Nikon breaks it comes handy to get the job done.

Transparent thick.

Transparent thin.

Elegantly long and thin. Reminds me of a card I designed for a perfume shop that looked like a scent tester.

Try the retro look.

Is this scratch and sniff or just generous use of white space.

Metal card. Doubles as a cake cutter.

Forensic evidence?

Demonstrate your skill.

Free one way ticket to the moon.

Interchangeable insert in a generic cover.

Funky shape.

Simply square with no ink.

Blind date theme.

Use fun typography.

Use office scrap.

Cat tail theme.

Dog tag theme.

Come up with a fun die-cut.

Make an 3D plastic card.

Use a thread.

Stay minimal and positive.

Combine different papers.

Teeth floss? Gross!

Use metallic ink and a metallic hole.

Pay extra for stylish embossing.

Write fun copy.

Use shiny metal surface.

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